EELA 2022 Annual Conference

EELA 2022 Annual Conference - Athens

EELA Athens 2022 has been a great success! After 2 years of Covid break it was super nice meeting and speaking and having dinner again with old and new friends:
Els de Wind; Anders Etgen Reitz; Jean Marc Albiol; Yvette Dissel; Bjorn Gaul; Jan Hofkens; Cindy Arces; Jorge Aranaz Benito; Cecile Martin; Matthew House; Olivier Kress; Maria da Gloria Leitao; Effie Mitsopoulou; Nadia Adnani; Ian O’Herlihy; Christiaan Oberman; Louise Skinner; Ueli Sommer; Peter Susser; Stephan Swinkels; Claire Toumieux; Chris Van Olmen; Anu Waaralinna; Natascha Lesellier; Mikael Pelan; and many others, we were more than 400! All belonging to our professional community made of same values, experiences, and feelings.
Today I was remembering the visit to the Acropolis in the early morning of Saturday: back to my classical studies of ancient greek, latin and philosophy … what a deep sensation to be part of the same world!